About Flourish

Our vision is to develop and skill today's children as tomorrow's successful youth icon. Our unique learning style, teaching methodology and instilled moral values will helps them to discover their own potential & creativity.
Our mission is to provide a place to children where they can act upon their will, by respecting themselves and others. Thus, create individuals who would contribute positively to our society and become a responsible citizen.
At Flourish Montessori, we value children’s inherited love for learning, their wisdom and their uniqueness. We inculcate this approach in our day to day functioning with the child. We value the Montessori philosophies and its relevance to today’s era, as supported by modern psychological researchers, which exhibits clear implications of optimal development among children educated in Montessori Method of learning verse those in traditional form of education.

Story of Flourish Montessori

Gone are the days when schools were the factories and children were treated as the blank slate. Like most of us, Kranti Ramane, the founder of Flourish Montessori House of Children believed the same, until her search to find the apt school for her child, that shun these obsolete ideas, seemed endless.

Learning about the Montessori schools and philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori was a sigh of relief for her and her husband. Envisioning the change in fundamental model of schooling and the way children should be pursued, laid the foundation cornerstone for establishing a school based on the insights of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Today after getting trained in the system and working with children for four years at a Montessori House of Children, she is on a mission to spread Montessori way of learning.

Why Choose Flourish?

Nurturing child’s potential

We respect individual talents and model our teaching method around their pattern of learning.

Encouraging cooperative play

The structure demands respecting other, to share and work cooperatively.

Managing emotions

We give them scope to act on their innate needs and thus be in harmony with oneself and society.

Wide range of material

About 500 scientifically kits designed by Dr. Maria Montessori are available for the child to learn from.

Love for learning

A lifelong foundation is build when we nurture them to the values of perseverance, persuasion and passion.

Creativity Sessions

Colour Painting, Drawing, Crafting, playdoh, Gluing, Gardening, etc.

Benefits sending your child to a Montessori school that genuinely follow Montessori principles

  • Happy and self- motivated learners
  • Fluent readers & masters of abstract arithmetical concepts
  • Better socialized and able to solve conflicts
  • Well advanced in grade placements
  • In possession of natural self-esteem, compassionate and courteous