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Welcome to Flourish Montessori, the House of Children

Flourish is a Montessori House of Children serving children between the age group of 2 1/2 to 6 years. Apart from developing the cognitive and intellectual skills in the child, we at Flourish, focus on developing the non-cognitive skills like grit, perseverance, curiosity, self- discipline, delayed gratification and thus preparing a child for life.

It’s the nature of the child to explore, learn and grow. We meticulously prepare our environment to enable child act upon his innate needs. Our classrooms are called the “environment”. The prepared environment with a trained adult in a mixed-age group of children creates a base for applying the Montessori philosophies.

Why choose Flourish Montessori?

Nurturing child’s potential

We respect individual talents and model our teaching method around their pattern of learning.

Encouraging cooperative play

The structure demands respecting other, to share and work cooperatively.

Managing emotions

We give them scope to act on their innate needs and thus be in harmony with oneself and society.

Wide range of material

About 500 scientifically kits designed by Dr. Maria Montessori are available for the child to learn from.

Love for learning

A lifelong foundation is build when we nurture them to the values of perseverance, persuasion and passion.

Academic Excellence

Cognitive skills of our children are far superior compared to traditional school pattern.

Our Classes & Courses

  • “The most peaceful place for my child to grow and spark.I am thankful to Kranti to help me understand the Montessori way of parenting.We are driven by so many wrong beliefs about education that needs to be replaced and Kranti rightly directed us to understand our child better. School environment bring calms and serene feeling for me and my child as well. A lot of attention is given to create a child friendly atmosphere. We look forward to Flourish to grow leaps and bounds”.

    Prachi Rahane,
  • "I remember the day when I visited the school, like all other preschoolsI was expecting some pictures of cartoon, coloured walls to anextend of chaos, classrooms, desk, and checklist of things that I have to pay for. But NOTHING of these things was found here. After this first encounter of experiencing the Montessori environment, we realised what blunder our traditional education system is doing to our children. Since then there was no looking back. We are glad to have found Flourish Montessori House of children and the best part is my daughter feels at home here.”

  • "Our daughter was a student in Montessori preschool with Ms Kranti Ramane as the primary Montessori guide during 2016-2019. We have seen our little defiant toddler transforming into a wonderful child under her guidance. Kranti has amazing patience with preschoolers. She demonstrated how Montessori education helps children to learn in their own pace and still achieve major milestones. Kranti is very efficient in developing individual child centric approaches for holistic development of a child. We were particularly very pleased to see how a Montessori environment teaches children to respect environment, space, people, feelings, and objects. Our daughter has moved to conventional primary school now and still emotionally connected to her favorite teacher whom she holds in very high regard.”

    Radha and Naresh Sharma,
  • "I have visited her school personally and liked the setup very much. Ma'am is an expert in her knowledge. If you looking for a Montessori setup then this is the perfect place. All the best ma'am."

    Eti agarwala,
  • "It’s a great school all the teachers are really caring and have great communication skills. My child is very happy going to the school and doesn’t wanna come back home, the staff is very cooperative and sweet have got a great start for my child’s schooling and I wish them all the best for the future”

    Swapnil More,
  • "One of the most patient and wonderful teacher. Kranti aunty, as my daughter calls her, is her favourite teacher in the whole world. ”

    Shilpy Sharma,
  • "Wonderful school! Perfect for child's growth as per their needs. Aunties (children call aunty to Teacher) at Flourish give individual attention to evey child and work towards making children independent, helpful, thoughtful, curious. The important thing is they have mixed age group culture, where younger children learn from elder ones and elder children tries to guide them. Ofcourse this happens in presence of aunty. Children are excited to come to school everyday! ”

    Nayna Chaudhari,